It’s March, and I’m still dreaming in color a la Wes Anderson.  While I tend to think of decorating rooms monochromatically (a tendency I haven’t been able to shake since high school), I found this weekend that looking at established color palettes has expanded my scope for future interior designs.  And Mr. Anderson’s are the […]


I recently found this little sweet spot of Andy and Kate Spade’s Manhattan home.  Although I’ve been moving away from the Kate Spade brand, but the real Kate Spade is still very much complex and intriguing to me.  Case in point, this corner is just perfect.  I suppose I missed it since it wasn’t shot in […]


I’ve been so bad about reading blogs lately.  Is it just me or are there not enough hours in the day to follow all the awesome ladies on the web?  These three though I am making a point to visit.  The content is simply beautiful! Sydney of Summer Wind.  Classy, modern and full of chic […]


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