Monthly Archives: May 2012

Do You DIY?

I do not DIY.  I paint, draw, occasionally decoupage–after a year in a woodworking class and three in curriculum incorporating model-making, you’d think my craftsmanship is pretty good, or at least adequate.  Nope.  It actually worries me how bad I can be.  I had almost given up on any hopes of being a master refurbish-er/home […]

ESMZ & Here

It’s nothing new that one of my favorite CDs is Up From Below by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros; the album is most widely known for the singles “Home,” “Janglin’” (featured on a 2011 Ford Fiesta commercial), and “40 Day Dream” (winning choice for first dance at our wedding).  Led by Alexander Ebert, who […]

Keepsakes from a First Date

Because of that mattress purchase looming, lately I’ve been thinking about our future master bedroom a lot (I haven’t had a truly styled bedroom since high school).  I even asked Ethan if he had any ideas.  His only requirements were a big bed with our finger-paintings hung above it. These things make me blush, really, […]