An Introduction

HELLO!  & welcome to my blog–a place where I can gush about the books I read, purses I lust, and adventures I have while starting my new married life in Alaska!  Although I won’t be there for another month (my husband is in the army and paperwork’s a beczka), I’ll be sharing my packing process, wish lists, and moments with my family (like reuniting for a last family camping trip).

To keep it light for starters,  I am twenty-three, newly married, and freshly graduated from college!  My 2012 so far has been completely crazy (i.e. planning our wedding in all of one & a half months; new family additions in the form of three Maltese puppies…so rambunctious but terribly adorable; and hosting a monster garage sale in an attempt to downsize my material-footprint at my parents’ house).   I am more eager than I let on about moving to JBER, a little  a LOT nervous about flying with my pup Simon, and so ready to start living with my hubby Ethan.

After many fashion mistakes and tears and journal entries (I swear, I was obsessed with finding my style, which didn’t include Southeast Missouri’s most popular brands), I resolved to buy wardrobe pieces that I am seriously drawn to.  I am detail-oriented in nature;  so venturing to the wonderful worlds of Lilly Pulitzer & Kate Spade was inevitable.  Although I am more Charlotte York in nature, I wholeheartedly agree with Carrie when she says, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”  To the girl who eats off a paper plate with her fabulous flatware; the wife who wears her Italian heels to vacuum the carpet; the dreamers, everywhere, taking big bites of tuna fish wishing for morsels of caviar–this blog’s for you.



  1. DANA. i love this intro. so excited to hear what you’re going to say and see the photos you’ll put up here. Alaska seems like a desolate fashion frontier, which means it’s RIPE for the picking. you’re going to take it by storm, i’m sure. consider yourself subscribed to!

    1. danagrace · · Reply

      RACHEL, you are the greatest!! Thank you =)

  2. […] for a session, and five minutes for the photos to print and dry.  The photo strips are pictured here. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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