A Dose of Sparkle

I have only a few cardigans in my wardrobe, and they haven’t been doin’ it for me as of late.  I know a cardigan is a great staple to have, but after this weird basics streak I went through (all my clothes were bland bland bland) I decided to hunt down one that could make a statement.  Some embellished cardigans look tacky to me, and we all know tacky isn’t a good look for anyone.

My requirements were simple (or so  I thought):  neutral color, full panel of embellishment, and large enough to wear buttoned up without any puckering.  I browsed my favorite website shopstyle.com (it’s a godsend for comparing prices) and wasn’t really coming up with any outstanding results.  Taking a different approach, I went straight to the source of all sources: Kate Spade.

Lucky me, this navy number (on the right) was reduced once May’s new arrivals debuted.  I was torn between these other two with the adorable white detailing, but navy’s my neutral of choice.  I can definitely see myself prancing around our Alaskan home, doing crafts and playing with Simon much like this short from last July’s color campaign.

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  1. Hi. It’s your terrible friend who just remembered she never emailed you about jeans. Dana, are you still on the hunt? If so I’ll do it NOW! Sorry lady. And I am in love with the cardigan! xo

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      You’re a busy lady, I understand. =) I would love to still see what you come up with! I’ve only bought one pair since (out of necessity).

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