Makes Me Smile!!

Oh Domino magazine. You are so captivating and charming and dreamy.  You make me think about interiors in ways I never thought possible.

After its production got canceled (only a few issues into my subscription), I thought I only had my copy of Domino: The Book of Decorating left to drool over.  Lo and behold, a mini-mag series called Quick Fixes hit newsstands for Spring/Summer and I am jumping for joy about it.

The countless colorful spreads and fun mood pages for achieving certain looks do not disappoint.  Detailed bedding, bathroom, and even flower guides are fun and repeatedly get me thinking of my own housing style.  I love this image of a tiled entryway best.  It evokes a certain playful traditionalism, which is something I’ve decided to strive for (and no, not just because of this picture).   Although I can’t put this knowledge to use right away (we won’t even be able to paint in our Alaskan place), I will be keeping it safe for future reference.

Go get this magazine!  & don’t forget to tell me which image speaks to you.



  1. oohhh! I love it too! But I wouldn’t get to excited yet since military housing doesn’t let you do anything to the house to fix it up. They only let you paint. soo sad.

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      It’s the pits!! Better to save all my renovation energy on a dream home, instead of every single house along the way!

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