First of all, happy Friday!! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend.  It would be so good if my plans included revisiting this gem of a restaurant!

I saw The American Restaurant on Mrs. Lilien’s Pinterest board “Favorite Place and Spaces” and was completely intrigued.  I thought, “how cooool,” and almost fell out of my chair when I read it was in Kansas City (only five hours away from me).  My sister currently lives in KC and as a celebratory vacation, my parents and I (and the dogs) tripped up for five days of shopping and leisure.  My dad had expressed concerns that the restaurant was too fancy, so we compromised with going during happy hour (my mom and I had just graduated, drinks were certainly in order).  We even got dressed up to celebrate.

On the elevator ride up, I started feeling nervous–what if the place had been remodeled since it’s construction in 1974?  What if it wasn’t as ritzy as I’d hoped?  Four floors felt like a long way with all that doubt in my brain.

Upon arrival in The American, I sighed with relief that the ceiling design had remained intact. My view as we were escorted to the window balcony (where we enjoyed our drinks and appetizer) didn’t reveal any of the banquet seating as Mrs. Lilien’s pin featured.  We sat against a mirrored wall with a view of neighboring architecture through floor-to-ceiling shuttered windows.

We each chose a different drink–my sister Amanda went for the seasonal Cherry Blossom, I chose the Southern Belle (mostly because of the lemon), my mom went with the Lionfish and my dad chose a Boulevard Brew he hadn’t tasted before.  Somewhat spontaneously he also ordered the blood sausage appetizer.  It.was.incredible.  Melted cheese and crumbled blood sausage coated crisp french fries, with some green as a garnish.

Our waiter told us about The American being the only four star restaurant from Chicago to Denver, and they use as much locally grown/produced products as possible.  Their seasonal menu reinforces this dedication.  We left buzzing and kicking ourselves for not staying for dinner.  If you feel like wining and dining yourself next time you are in the Midwest, go to The American!

Side note:  On this trip to the Crown Center we stumbled upon the Streetcar Named Desire restaurant, located at street level.  I couldn’t believe how lucky we were. Years ago on a KC trip Amanda took to visit pharmacy schools, she came back with photo booth pictures of her and her friend.  They were the real black and white version (not the imitation ones you can find in malls with sayings and borders) (and identical to a booth we found on the Jersey boardwalk summers ago).  The hostess of the restaurant kindly allowed us to use the booth without dining.  It cost three bucks in quarters for a session, and five minutes for the photos to print and dry.  The photo strips are pictured here.



  1. oooo sounds very inviting! I told Evan he has to take me here for my birthday in July! hehe.

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      My family is going again for my sister’s birthday!! Can’t wait!

  2. […] to a local bakery for cupcakes.  And we’ll get to enjoy them after our celebratory meal at The American.  The day will round out with a movie night starring one of the birthday girl’s favorite […]

  3. […] seven days since my sister’s birthday, where we got all dressed up for our reservations at The American Restaurant.  I rather enjoyed the fine dining experience.  Even the waiters placing napkins across my […]

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