A Time to Purchase

Memorial Day–it’s funny I thought I would have already been in Alaska at this point.  It would have been ideal too–so many things we need to get for our first place and so many sales to choose from.  Although the list is seemingly endless (as there will not be much I can pack in my checked luggage beyond clothing), there are three major purchases necessary for our initial months of surviving married life.

1.  Car:  We’ve been spending waaay too much energy trying to figure out transportation.  First we were going to buy a car off my parents and ship it up.  We then thought we missed the mark for shipping (as it takes a month from here to Alaska), so we started exploring other options.  Should we buy new or used?  Manual or automatic?  Saturday we finally figured it out for good…Ethan went to a dealership and test drove a Ford Fiesta.  Thank goodness we got to take advantage of the Memorial Day deal!  He couldn’t drive away in our new ride, but the car is officially ours!!  He’ll be able to go back later this week after insurance clears.

2.  Bed: Thank goodness Ethan will now have the car to pick me up from the airport, because I want to immediately go shopping for a bed (or mattress & box springs).  I know I’ll want one to flop into after such a long flight.  Also, if we have a bed first, our basic need for sitting and sleeping is covered for a while.  Then we will not necessarily have to rush to get other furniture like a couch, table and chairs (I hate rushing purchases when I want quality products).  We might be roughing it the first week or so…but at least we’ll have a bed (the perfect bed linens are a whole ‘nother story).

3.  Evening Gown:  One concrete perk of being a military wife is the existence of military events a.k.a. balls.  The other night on the phone, Ethan told me to start the hunt for a gown as a ball will be occurring in August!!  It usually takes me a while to shop for dresses (although you wouldn’t know it from the last three I purchased), and unfortunately I’ve already exhausted my online resources.  I am hoping I find an evening gown that is classic enough so I can wear it multiple times.  The inner glamour girl in me wants a gown from a big-time designer, so I really need to get to department stores and hit the sale racks.  I think this requires a St. Louis road trip!?

How are you spending this Memorial Day?

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  1. […] know I said that the military ball was this month here, and it is, buuut… we are postponing our attendance due to Amanda’s visit (seriously […]

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