A Spot by the Pool

Today my parents, Simon, Clementine, and I are traveling back up to Kansas City to celebrate with Amanda and Teddy; it will be our last family hurrah before I move to Alaska!  As I’ll be pretty tied up with eating good food and laying by the pool, I have a fun line-up of posts for the week including: getting my military i.d., evening gown shopping, and my go-to make-up routine.

Speaking of poolside, I wish I was vacationing like this this week!  I will have a bathing suit and eye-wear, but nothing as playful as this!  I’m hoping to get a ton of reading and lounging done–doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?

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  1. you WISH you were vacationing? sounds like you’ll be having a relaxing time regardless of the location. 🙂 enjoy the pool and reading, and i’m looking forward to hearing about gowns… how many people get to purposefully talk gowns?!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Hehe I know, it’s a stay-cation for my sister! I hope the gown doesn’t disappoint!!

  2. Holy cuteness. That bikini is killing me. xo

    1. Me tooo. Wish I had an excuse to get it!!

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