Evening Gown…Check!

Before I decided I needed to take a Saint Louis shopping trip for an evening gown for our future military ball, I looked for one on every possible website I could think of.  My shopping history has proved to be more successful online than in store, yet nothing this time was jumping out at me.  And since length can be a trouble spot of mine (I’m 5’10”), going real-life shopping was seeming more and more necessary.  It’s a couple of hours to “the city;” my mom and I made a day of it.

The Plaza Frontenac has become one of my favorite malls–not only is the restroom/lounge glamorous, but the select stores and ample aisles make it an experience.  Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue flank either end of the mall; we headed into Neiman first.  There were not many formal dresses to choose from, and even fewer navy/black options.  The above dress looked decent on the hanger, so I headed into the fitting room.

Holy smokes.  Chiffon amazingness.  The web image does not do this gown justice.  Maybe it needs a bit more body to fill it, because this dress, on, stunned me.  The one strap rests in the middle of my right shoulder, and the draping billows softly away from my body.  I love the banded waistline (which surprisingly landed exactly at my natural waist)(rarely ever happens).  The length slightly pools on the floor if I’m flat-footed and skims the surface if I elevate an inch or two.  It is fairly classic while also shying towards minimalism, as it lacks embellishment.  It doesn’t clash with my glasses (always a requirement), and keeps itself modest with a knee-high slit that is only apparent when I walk.  It doesn’t scream sexy, but it doesn’t need to.  I love it.

I’ve never heard of the designer Aidan Mattox, but I’m so thankful for this evening gown!  All I need now is to find some strappy evening shoes.  Any suggestions?  Do you think Ethan will love me in this?

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  1. maryellen · · Reply

    You are so lovely in your gown!!! Mom

    1. Thaaaank you! Finding complementary shoes was the subject of my poolside contemplation today. =) Hehe

  2. So beautiful! you better blog or send me a picture of you in this dress when this ball occurs! or before then if you decide to put it on randomly to gush about it! haha

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Well of course!! I wouldn’t post this and not follow up, silly!! I have a few shots of me actually in it if you want a preview. =)

      1. glamorousbohemianmom · ·

        LOVE IT!!!

  3. I can’t wait for the pics! Love that designer. So well-fitted. xo

    1. Yay! Glad you approve!!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Thank you! Now I need to find perfection in shoe form!

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