Happy Birthday, Amanda!

What a happy day it is!!  First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SISTER!!!  This last family trip was perfect timing, as we all get to be together for Amanda’s birthday (to me, it is the real kick-off to summer).  We are starting the day with a brisk walk around the neighborhood with the puppies, a lounge session by the pool, and a stint of shopping for home goods and jewels (so fabulous).

Instead of baking a cake this year, Amanda wants to go to a local bakery for cupcakes.  And we’ll get to enjoy them after our celebratory meal at The American.  The day will round out with a movie night starring one of the birthday girl’s favorite actors; somewhere we will fit in lots of hugs and card opening and impromptu renditions of the happy birthday song.

I love you so much, Manda!!  I am so happy to be here with you for the start of your most glamorous year yet!!  Happy happy birthday.




  1. tank you tank you c-ster! love you so much!

    1. Love you so much too!

  2. This will be a lovely day!!!!

    1. Already is!!!

  3. […] how my last week home has flown by!!  It has already been seven days since my sister’s birthday, where we got all dressed up for our reservations at The American Restaurant.  I rather enjoyed […]

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