Putting On My Face

For my bridal shower gift, my wonderful aunt took me to Sephora to buy me whatever I wanted. Seriously.  Although I keep my make-up pretty natural, I had too much fun testing the products and filling my little net basket.  Since then I feel like I have perfected my beauty routine, which lasts me from morning til night, no problem.  I don’t claim to be a make-up guru, but this works for me repeatedly.  And with added benefit, I carry everything in my adorable Kate Spade cosmetics case (LOVE).

1.  I never knew this Bare Minerals Prime Time could work the magic that it does!!  The transparent gel glides over my skin, smoothing out the surface in a few easy sweeps.  I save my Prime Time eyelid primer for days when my make-up should really count (i.e. big day at work or a fun night out).  I dab some on so that my foundation is extra flawless on my lids.

2.  I used to only use my Full Flawless Face brush to apply my Fairly Light foundation, but lately I’ve been experimenting with the just the Flawless Face brush…this one allows my summer freckles to still show through.  Apply with circular motions of course.  I dust on my Mineral Veil here so I can play more in the next step. Again, both are Bare Minerals.

3.  Sometimes I prefer to just use Bare Minerals Warmth along my cheekbones and the tip on my nose, but I’ve feeling especially perky I use Tarte’s Blissful very lightly on the apples of my cheeks.  I use my fingers here to blend in the color and not make it so bold.

4.  I battled the Sephora consultant about this eyeshadow–he was convinced I needed major color behind my eyeglass frames to help my eyes “pop.”  After playing around with the Almost Nude palette, I decided I like Universal Beige under my brows, Sun-Kissed and Dying for Fudge in my crease and on my lid; a hint of Dark Grey as the liner is enough for me.

5.  Here’s where I touch up my eyebrows if need be.  Usually my brows demand more attention than this segment of my regime allows, but filling in some spots and trimming strays is no big deal.  The Instant Brow Pencil by Benefit is really easy to work with.  I use the light option.

6.  Ah the lashes.  Sometimes I curl them, sometimes I don’t.  If I’m doing a seven minute face, I use just one mascara and apply a few coats (making sure not to clump).  Bad Gal Waterproof by Benefit has been making me happy.  If I want crazy eyelashes, I apply Maybelline’s Falsies first, then Bad Gal, then some of the mascara from the infamous pink and green tube.

7.  It takes a big event for me to finish my look with a lip product.  I use Chapstick compulsively throughout the day; it’d be unrealistic for me to incorporate anything else.  But when the occasion calls, I go with the tingling sensation of Peaceful by Tarte (just a lip tint) or MAC’s Myth lipstick (which I’ve had for years).  Nude lips are my absolute favorite.

What are your tried and true products?  Does “your face” change with the seasons, or is it consistent throughout the year (like me)?

(Disclaimer: on weeks when I’m traveling, I somehow never have time to put makeup on (or forget my makeup…not my happiest moment of our honeymoon).  So while I’ve been in Kansas City this week, I have only worn makeup a total of two days. No joke.)



  1. There’s nothing better than keeping it simple and pretty! I use a little tinted moisturizer, concealer, brow pencil, brown liner, black mascara and just a smudge of cream blush–nothing looks sillier than wearing a full face at 9am!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Sounds lovely! I’m digging how my freckles are darkening from the summer sun…makes me use even less makeup!

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