The Long & Short of It

Before this past week, the last time I’d had a haircut was in…October…yikes.  I was considering getting a trim in February when I got a gloss treatment; but juuust in case I needed that length for my wedding up-do, I refrained.  This past Wednesday happened to become the perfect day to head over to Chop Tops in KC for a bit of pampering before the big move.

Before my appointment, I pondered my current hair situation.  As if this picture isn’t enough proof, I needed major help.  And although I lust those long one-length styles found in Rugby ads, this length was weighing me down immensely.  I have a natural curl/wave to my hair, but it never ended up looking pretty (even if I put a lot of time into it).  Blow-drying and straightening had obviously fried my ends and all the luster from the gloss was gone, leaving me feeling dull dull dull.  So after a few chats with Ethan, my mom, and Amanda (of course) I walked into Chop Tops with a shorter style in mind.  Nothing as drastic as my freshman year of college, mind you, but a good four to six inches less.

If you have never been to a salon like Chop Tops, you are seriously missing out!!  They provide complementary drinks (PBR, Coke or Diet), give relaxing scalp massages while shampooing and conditioning, and blow dry hair to PERFECTION.  The way the stylists use their brushes is truly an art form.  I’ve had the pleasure of having both Jenny D and Stephanie as stylists (so if you go, ask for them).  The skill level of Chop Tops is completely comparable to Ted Gibson’s salons, with less of a shock to the wallet.

Of course by the end of the appointment, I had princess hair (the gently-curled-smooth-and-shiny-hair-in-the-likes-of Duchess-Kate) (and completely not replicable (at least for me)).  It is a far cry from the frizz-head I walked in with.  What do you think?  Was chopping my hair a good choice?  Simon has a salon appointment this morning, so we’ll both be all pretty for meeting Ethan at the airport on Sunday!!




  1. soo cute! I love your hair!
    I’m not getting my hair cut until the 22nd because that’s when Evan wants to go to KC to see the STL Cardinals play against the Royals. haha

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Thanks Cesia! Are you going to Chop Tops after all?

  2. Looks gorgeous–and I bet it’ll be darling when you don’t do a thing to it! I just got a chop for the first time since last Christmas, and it feels so good to have all that weight (literally!) off my shoulders!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Thank you, it still surprises me when I look in the mirror, but definitely in the best possible way =)

  3. Ethan McDowell · · Reply

    i think it looks wonderful=)

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Thanks baby!! Love you 😉

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