Wishlist: Neon Simple Wrap Watch

 Found this yesterday and just had to share. But first.

I went on a major watch-hunt when I studied at K-State (most classrooms lacked clocks, and my phone was always off).  I searched and purchased and regretted; finally I found my Seiko (similar here).  It has certainly served its purpose; it is versatile, classic, and the two-tone literally goes with everything.

Since I’ve been married though, and definitely since I’ve been back home (for two Januaries now), I haven’t been wearing my watch.  Maybe because it symbolizes a more androgynous time in my life.  Regardless, I know that being a stay-at-home wife won’t require me to be running around keeping track of time.  But I sure would love to sport this neon number in the near future!!

A product of the La Mer Collections, this wrap watch is both sweet and sassy.  I cannot believe how cheap it is– eighty-eight bucks is more than reasonable for such a cute time-teller.  The pink would be one more constant pop in every ensemble, and it.is.made.in.the.USA. How rare is that?!  RARE.  Another bonus is the rectangular face, which would complement my engagement ring perfectly.  Maybe instead of buying a clock for the apartment I can just get this haha.

(image via)



  1. Oh. I love it. I need it. Can we match?

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Yes. haha

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