I cannot believe how my last week home has flown by!!  It has already been seven days since my sister’s birthday, where we got all dressed up for our reservations at The American Restaurant.  I rather enjoyed the fine dining experience.  Even the waiters placing napkins across my lap.

The unique courses I enjoyed included tasting Prairie Farms Birthday Lamb Quarters (which is actually a leafy green), Day Boat Scallops with risotto and tempura green beans, and the plate of dessert-y goodness including gelato, creme brulee,  angel food cake, and sliced strawberries.  The sugary crisp and the little flower details were the perfect conclusion to my three course meal.  And as a complementary treat from the staff, we all tasted this crispy fritter with specialty lemon sauce.  De-lish!

There are two downsides to this whole experience, unfortunately.  One is not knowing what each item on the menu is before ordering.  Sure, the waiter is fully versed to explain each plate (hand flourishes and all), but it wasn’t until it was in front of me that I began to understand the description.  The other downside is the requirement of ordering at least a three-course meal.  I would have been happy to have just eaten an entrée.

What ritzy restaurant do you particularly like?  Are there any you are dying to go to?

Happy Thursday, all!



  1. what beautiful plating! the colors are an inspiration.
    i’m not a very ritzy restaurant eater, but i’m more the type who would love to go someplace ritzy with someone who loves to go to ritzy places. does that make sense?

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I get ya! There is definitely an art to dining finely. I like to partake two or three times a year, max.

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