Saturday Special: My Last Three Days

If I had Instagram, I would have been Instagrammin’ it up these last three days.  Because I still have an ancient phone and refuse to pay for internet when my computer  is always accessible, here is a recap of my last three days home from a good ol digital camera.

Today is the day that Simon and I will be boarding the plane to go start our lives with Ethan in Alaska!!  My parents and I kicked off the morning with a visit to the farmer’s market–it was much too hot outside already, but we dined on Amish donuts (for my last time).  We are driving to STL this afternoon; my flight has one layover and early tomorrow morning I should land.  Once I make it to my new home, I regret to inform you internet will most likely not be hooked up.  And we may not have it for a few days (can you believe we won’t even have monthly unlimited? Wah).  I’ll be sure to give an update post again as soon as possible.  Wish me a safe flight! xx



  1. Be safe!!! Tell Ethan I said hello when you get there!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Thanks Cesia! And I certainly will haha.

  2. good luck, miss Diana! excited for you. hope the flights go well.

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