A Matter of Neutrality

Although I am devoted to major color and wear something bright every single day, I know there should always be a place for neutrals in one’s closet.  But to create a cohesive look that can be reconfigured into different outfits, I think there should be a single neutral to carry throughout.

My own collection of shoes, slacks and accessories doesn’t follow that mindset, but wouldn’t it be so lovely if it did?  I certainly have a spattering of all of the above, but I am most particularly drawn to the navy.  I don’t know when the shift occurred (and it definitely doesn’t help that navy can be extremely difficult to find!!), but it feels right against my somewhat porcelain skin tone.  And with wearing blue glasses everyday, navy seems like a too obvious of a choice as my “perfect neutral.”

If you had the option, would you restructure your wardrobe to emphasize two, if not one, of these neutrals?  Or do you like to choose a daily neutral to pull your look together?

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  1. oh girl.
    it sounds to me like your closet is the opposite of mine.
    my closet is neutral, neutral, neutral… a splash of color, and more neutrals.

    it used to just be black and whites,
    but now i’m onto greys and tans pretty much all the time.
    thank god for nail polish, or else i’d be void of color.
    i’d say if you need to pick one — grey will enhance ANY color.

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I don’t doubt that it is!! Neutrals looks so right on you, but when I did it I felt so unlike me. To each their own!! =)

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