The First of Married Life

My flight to ANC was a success, but extremely exhausting!  After a two-hour car ride to Lambert Airport in St. Louis, I kissed and hugged my parents goodbye (very hard thing to do).  It took Simon and I a little bit getting acclimated in the airport.  Checking my three bags and tagging his was a breeze, but going through security stressed me out.  Of course we got to our gate super early, but didn’t mind the extra time to let my high nerves settle.  We flew first class on Delta and had a one hour layover in Salt Lake City.

The second flight was definitely better than the first.  Turbulence hit the aircraft every ten minutes.  And even though we were first class, the seats were small and cramped.  The second plane however was a dream!  I felt so comfortable I fell asleep after the movie and woke up a few times to look out at the clouds.  The sky was still light from the setting sun (around midnight) as we landed in our new home state!

Ethan was there to greet us as we headed to the baggage claim. I admit, it was strange seeing him–but once we hugged and I smelt his collar, I knew it was real life.  We got lost in the parking garage, but I thought it was funny due to my jet-lag.  The sun never did go down, as he drove us through Anchorage, and up to Eagle River where our new apartment is.  After pushing my luggage through the doorway, Ethan carried me inside; we officially get to live the married life.  Swoon!

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  1. A sleepover every night–could anything be better?! Glad you got there safe and sound!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Thanks Lena!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So happy you are finally with your wonderful husband!!!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I’m so happy too!

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