A Crying Shame

Remember this pink headboard I was seriously considering DIYing?  Gosh I still think it is soo so cute, but I am starting to rethink it (in hopes of realizing my girlhood dreams of having a canopy bed).  Our bedroom floor plan is such that the bed would be most ideally placed under our window, which is centered on our longest wall (rethinking the art placement now, gah).

A canopy bed would just make sense.  It would create a focus in our room and give it some substance.  Since we don’t have that much room anyway, it would glorify our bed.  The canopy rail at the head would be perfect to hang a darkening shade (I’m finding it difficult to sleep with it bright outside).  And because in our future home I want all the walls to be bright and colorful, a white wood finish would be great for that transition.  The only problem?

I’m one hundred percent positive that these beauties are out of our price range.  Why does good design have to be so unattainable for me?!  I thought I found a winner here, but alas, they don’t ship to Alaska.  And it is truly a crying shame this guy is no longer available–you are killing me Ikea!

Will I ever find a queen size white wood canopy bed?  I don’t know.  Ethan and I are going browsing/shopping Saturday and Sunday, but the prospects are grim in terms of furniture stores here.  Any suggestions?  I’m exhausting my resources on all fronts.  Regardless of all this huffing and puffing, I am so happy to even have a real bed (the mattress set came yesterday!).

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  1. Gah–these beds are just gorgeous! I’ll keep my fingers crossed you stumble on the perfect thing!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I love them!! I tried explaining these to a salesperson this weekend–she looked at me like I was nuts!

  2. […] just two).  Ethan and I woke up, ate our off brand cereals and headed out in search of a couch, bed frame, and dishes.  I had compiled a list of stores from the phone book, and my hopes were […]

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