Creating a Table Setting

Oh the joys of  “camping out” in our very first apartment!!  We got internet Monday night around eight, and I’ve been doing some major online browsing for household essentials ever since.  Our kitchen is currently outfitted with paper plates and plastic bowls, two mugs and brand new pots, pans, and flatware I have yet to wash.  We.need.dinnerware.  And a table.

So our flatware is fairly ornate.  Each utensil has a different historical pattern, which gives me the feeling that they are mismatched antiques in mint condition.  What goes with such detail without looking strange?  I was being swayed toward some classic white sets with a simple platinum rim.  This combination felt very tooo formal and after looking at the prices (both the sets and individual pieces) I started becoming disenchanted.  After talking to both Amanda and my mom, I threw the idea away completely.

Although mismatched vintage plates have been all over wedding blogs, I first saw the concept at my junior year prom dinner; my friend’s mom had three sets of china and mixed them throughout the twenty or so place settings.  I came across the idea again a few years later whilst browsing a great housewares boutique in my college town, where I saw a variety of china stacked high on a clearance table.  So, my current thoughts are why not mix up the plates and bowls?  Combined with the different designs of the flatware, our table will instantly become  playful and whimsical.  We don’t need too many pieces right away, but how fun will it be to build up the collection?  I’m loving this idea.  Now adding antique stores to our weekend shopping trip list (Ethan–brace yourself!).

Happy Friday, xx

(left, middle, right)



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    How fun, a treasure hunt!!!!!!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Soooo many treasures await us!!!

  2. Regina wall · · Reply

    What fun that u r not starting out in the classical atmosphere that stifled us 20 years ago. Chucked my “matchy-matchy poo poo” recently for the hodge podge look. I say now, go with what makes u happy, and don’t spend a lot on it so that u can change it when u feel the spirit move ya!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I haven’t actually found a thing yet!!! But thanks for the support =)

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