Does Your Home Flow?

Two homes that really speak to me are Kate and Andy Spade’s and Jenna Lyons’.  From room to room, it is easy to see the same hands designed the schemes, instead of disjointed attempts for creating “perfect” singular rooms.  Both homes are fearless in their furniture pairings, adornments and wall treatments.  And they are both playful in their own ways.  Even when my vision has changed (which has happened A LOT over the months and years), I come back to these images again and again and again.

Right now I am really struggling with the bedroom.  Since it’s currently the place we spend most of our time (the bed is our only real seating, excluding the counter tops), I want to design it pronto.  We have white jersey sheets as a start.  With the living room shaping up with light blue, I am wondering how to bring the two spaces together.  I keep thinking coral, but haven’t found anything to die for.  Ethan is thinking blue or yellow.  I’ve already changed my mind a million times about the bed frame…so I’m really just wishing the perfect duvet cover could hit me upside the head haha.  But really.

With the rug in place and the couch on its way, I am starting to obsess about the flow of our home.  Flow meaning the overall style, how one room transitions to another, etc.  I am all about home flow, whether each room is monochromatic or every space holds the same palette (not to mention complementary stylistic elements).  Although I have appreciation for many styles, I like fresh and classic interiors with minimalism in mind.  I see Pinterest pictures of homes that evoke this, but how do I achieve it for my own?

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