Monthly Archives: June 2012

Finally a Couch!

We are proud owners of a Flexsteel couch, everybody!!  Here’s how we came to possess “The Sundance:” I admit shopping with me is fairly grueling.  I make snooty faces when I walk into stores, I ask a lot of questions to the salespeople, and usually walk out empty-handed.  Although I claim I have a honed […]

Our Alaska

I have enough posts up on Our Alaskan Journal tumblr* now that I feel confident to share it most publicly!  I started the journal as a way to visually document our time in the new state–and brush up on my photography skills (or lack there of, you can be the judge!).  These are my favorite […]

Does Your Home Flow?

Two homes that really speak to me are Kate and Andy Spade’s and Jenna Lyons’.  From room to room, it is easy to see the same hands designed the schemes, instead of disjointed attempts for creating “perfect” singular rooms.  Both homes are fearless in their furniture pairings, adornments and wall treatments.  And they are both […]