Monthly Archives: July 2012

Finding Our Dining Style (The Second Time Around)

Have you ever made a purchase that you just weren’t happy with (and couldn’t do a thing about)? I did; it is our dining room table for our new home.  I bought it at a vintage store, no returns…what do you do in a situation like this? There isn’t anything wrong with this table.  It’s […]

The Last Weekend of July

Who’s happy to start another wonderful work week?  Not me (even though I don’t work).  This weekend felt like it lasted forever, and it’s hard for me to believe July is coming to a close!!  We accomplished a lot more than I expected to, yet I still have the urge to go go go go […]

Book Review | The Garden, the Moon, & the Peach

After Beautiful Ruins, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to read.  I’d been on a New Releases kick (more than ever), and it’s difficult to blindly buy a book that Barnes&Noble isn’t currently recommending.  I took to reading synopses online and had my choices narrowed to two…but I still wasn’t feeling them.  Enter Garden […]