The Fourth

I took these a year ago, when Ethan and I spent our first fourth together.  I had worked all day at B&N, and when I finally got off (a rare eight hour day for me), I changed into jeans (it was still soo hot outside, but mosquitoes always eat me up).  We met his family in Jackson park and laid on our backs on a grassy hill.  Once the show began, my whole range of vision became the sky and the fireworks–I had to physically turn my head to see anything else.  It was very surreal, kind of like an IMAX theatre, and I remember squeezing Ethan’s hand a lot.

This year is a little different however.  Yesterday Ethan had a 20K rucksack march, and his feet are in terrible condition.  I had to help him walk to the bathroom, and served him dinner on the couch.  I haven’t really ever seen Ethan vulnerable, but these blisters are no joke.  I feel like we’ll be kickin’ back most of the day, and that will be fine by me.

I hope you have a happy fourth of July!  And be sure to wear some red, white, and blue!



  1. poor ethan, i’ve never seen a blister so bad!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Me either. =( Good thing we have a tv…for the force of July.

  2. Ethan….thank you for your service to our country….so sorry that you have blisters. 😦

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I’ll give him the message. Thanks Jayne.

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