Another Free Day

So…it seems that Alaska doesn’t celebrate the fourth of July much?  We woke up yesterday to a drizzly day, and did a lot of lying around.  We went out for some medical and dinner supplies, and even had a romantic lunch at Taco Bell (one of the few places that was open).  As more clouds moved in, we enjoyed our couch and TV for two afternoon films: Deathly Hallows Part I and my new favorite criterion flick, Charade.  Ethan whipped up some burgers and tots, and we chilled the rest of the night.

Not the most festive fourth in my life, but I loved all the downtime with my babababy.  Today, Ethan has off again!  And he has agreed to hit up some more furniture places–cross your fingers for us!




  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Good luck treasure hunting!!!! I am confident you will find something!!!!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      If nothing else, a headboard!

  2. oh man, i LOVE that photo series of James & Liz. your photo editing is cute too.

    sounds like a lovely fourth of july, and thanks for reminding me… i need to see Charade!!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      =) Glad I could help!

  3. Sometimes a quite day is just what you need–enjoy the time together!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I certainly did! Even sharing more time today–this week has been such a treat!

  4. hold the phone! are you in Alaska?! Since when? Soooo cool! xo

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Yes! Since a month ago!! Big changes, huh?!

      1. Thrilling, these adult, married lives we are living, lady! 😉

      2. danamcdowell · ·

        Completely! =)

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