Style Adjectives

So.  As I said Monday, I’m doing a bit of reflecting on my style…and I figured I’d share.  There’s not much I can do in the way of adding to my wardrobe currently (life savings is going toward furnishing the apartment), but thinking doesn’t hurt.  Here it goes.

After graduating from Catholic high school and an entire life of uniforms, I was really unsure about how to dress myself every single day for college (Amanda was also not going to be right next door for me to dip into her closet).  That seems like a pretty elementary concept but…without the khaki+polo combo, I was a little lost.  My mom took me to get some basics (like a green and brown striped shoulder-show sweater…um, yeah I was nuts), and tried dressing up my first few days.  Then with the competitive field of architecture entering my veins, I had an epiphany:  I need to dress professionally, and brand myself!  Innocent start, but how many years later…five? and I’m still not confident in what’s going on in my closet.

In the beginning, I got a lot of Banana Republic shirts.  Some cardigans that didn’t sit right.  Jeans and jeans that were not a good fit (but I wanted them to work).  Then I became obsessed with J.Crew and thought that their catalog outfits would translate directly to me.  All of a sudden I was the owner of a stylized fisherman’s vest and charcoal cargo jacket. ??  Kate Spade was an eye-opener, but most of my purchases have felt forced and not right for my life.  And Lilly Pulitzer is fun and flirty…but I have some reserve about a company that makes sorority prints like it’s their job (well, you know what I mean).



  1. Jeni Johnson · · Reply

    Incorporate dozens of quality labels….Right now, I’m in love with ZARA.

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I’ve seen a lot of Zara things I like…just not sure if they ship to Alaska?? When I reeeally liked them, they didn’t ship at all !

  2. I think style is always a work in progress. It should always be evolving….because when you get stuck with a certain look that might have been great and modern in a certain time in your life you immediately date yourself ….so I think you are right to keep analyzing and working through it. And always keep relevant.

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Whew, thank you! I was nervous to show a bit of my crazy–I’ll be sure to not get discouraged =)

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