Sweet Potatoes Anna

Since I’ve been feeling better (for whatever reason), I’m setting aside the heavy in lieu of the latest recipe from our William Sonoma cookbook (last seen here).  I admit I loved the name more than anything–so after a shopping trip for sweet potatoes and lots a butter, I whipped up this number.

So the main trick to this, which I missed for lack of kitchen supplies, is having a complementary-oven-safe-heavy-surface that nests in your 9 in square cake pan.  After layering the sweet potato slices and drizzling the clarified butter (which I also made (from 2 cups of butter and a whole lot of surface-skimming)), the dish gets covered by aluminum foil and anchored by said heavy surface that I didn’t have.  I mashed my hands as firmly as I could on the foil, trying to compact the slices into each other.

For forty minutes it cooks with the foil on and without the foil for twenty minutes after that.  I knew when the timer went off that it wasn’t going to be as solid as the recipe instructs.  With help from Ethan, we flipped the contents onto a plate; the slices stayed on the plate, but not in place.  Which is alright.  They tasted delicious, but next time I won’t use hardly as much butter.  Ethan said with some pie crust and cool whip it would have been a perfect pie.  So sweet (both him and the potatoes).

I was definitely nervous about this dinner (I tackled a ham with a pineapple-maple glaze), but Ethan scarfed it down as always.  I think this recipe is going to be a new favorite, but requires some obvious tweaks and more kitchen tools.  Happy Thursday!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Once again, sounds yummy!!!!!!

  2. so delicious!

    ~Art a la Rue
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    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      It really was =)

  3. You’re becoming quite the chef!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I’m trying!

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