Crochet That Makes My Heart Sing

Ah, to have the perfect final touch for my future bed…which just so happens to be the French Crochet Shams in White by Matteo.  I happened upon these beauties around the same time, on both HomeMint and Layla Grayce and I.can’

As the bedding scheme is a palette of wheat-y neutrals with lots of white, I want the pop of color to stay all in one place (a.k.a the melon blanket at the foot of the bed (as seen here & here)).  Some pretty pillows with some interest other than color are necessary…delicate texture could definitely help to balance the practicality of the virgin wool.  Are you seeing this in your head??

I’m quite intrigued by how things are shaping up–it’s going to feel like a mature master bedroom!  My eyes are peeled for when these shams go on sale.  Their current price is just a little too much.

Obviously my head is swimming with home stuffs lately.  Hope you don’t mind hehe.

(1 & 2, 3)


  1. i don’t mind! it’s fun!! can’t wait to see everything put together in august!!!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      …well…no bed frame by then, sadly. maybe you can help me make the bed!

  2. Ada Tepley · · Reply

    Bed frames that are made from aluminum or bronze are also great since they have that elegant finish. I always use them at home. *:;”:

    Many thanks

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