The Last Weekend of July

Who’s happy to start another wonderful work week?  Not me (even though I don’t work).  This weekend felt like it lasted forever, and it’s hard for me to believe July is coming to a close!!  We accomplished a lot more than I expected to, yet I still have the urge to go go go go go.  I suppose I will put all my energy toward finishing my latest book and going on walks. Anyways…here’s a recap of how we spent the weekend!

Friday Ethan surprised me by coming home early and taking me out to dinner!  I had been desperately wanting to go to this place called Club Paris–so we got dressed up and went!  Ethan had been once before (for lunch), and I had high expectations.  From the start though, I was not feeling it.  The receptionist sassed us for not having a reservation, but graciously seated us at a small table in the middle of the floor as long as we were out by 7:30.  I will give them that they had good crackers and signage, but that’s as far as my compliments go.  We had a few different waitresses servicing our table, but none ever gave eye contact.  After too much time to mull over the menu, I ordered the poached halibut with steak fries (I’m a fries girl, what can I say) and Ethan the filet mignon.  I was so anxious from the time restriction, it felt like forever for our meals to be served.  Once out, my dinner was relatively flavorless and not worth the thirty bucks we paid.  Ethan felt the same about his.  It was here that I really became disenchanted with finer dining (what is happening to me?!).  I almost wish we would have gone to the Lucky Wishbone diner instead (we pass it every time we drive to downtown).  I guess I’m still glad we went, but. Never again.

Saturday, after a long wait at the DMV (taking care of car title business), Ethan took me to the Arctic Thunder air show on JBER.  Free events mean crazy traffic and parking… people were everywhere!  Once we were inside, we grabbed some food from the vendors and ended up missing the cool demonstrations.  In a matter of three hours it was both hot enough to shed my jean jacket and cold enough to be shivering in it!  Ethan’s feet are still on the mend, so we trudged back to the car around 2:30 and laid on the couch the rest of the day (me reading, Ethan playing his video games).

Sunday was a delight as Ethan offered to take me to the Diamond Center mall to walk around and see all the hot fashions.  After that, we went to the mall on 5th for some Nordies anniversary sale happiness.  I took to heart Victoria’s post and headed for the intimates  as Ethan found a couch.  If you know me well, you know I complain about having “bra problems” a lot.  Who knew that simply changing the store you shop at would drastically change your ladies?!  Of course, I was wearing the wrong size.  I got two new pieces that feel great; I actually enjoyed having the consultant in the dressing room with me, helping with band placement and all that.  I am so happy to say I now own a strapless bra that I feel confident in!  I didn’t have as much luck at Bare Escentuals, but we were tiring out by that point anyway.  Simon rather enjoys my shopping trips, as he loves shredding the tissue paper once I get home.  Isn’t he a cutie?

Pretty fun-filled, wouldn’t you say?

P.S. I’m officially going nuts with all the home stuff I still need to do!  Some of my plans are shifting, but all for the better.  I’ll discuss this more this week!


  1. Yay!! I’m so glad to hear you got re-fitted and found great new underthings! 🙂

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      It’s a world of difference already!

  2. I was fitted for a bra, first time, like a year ago!! how funny…that such a basic thing is not really done. I was so happy after that too….I have been eying a cute set from madewell…..adorable! Maybe next month I will stop by and try it out. Simon is too cute….those are great photos. I like the black and white a lot

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Ooh yes, you should treat yourself!! And thank you =)

  3. love the pic of you two! and i can’t wait to see my caterpillar doggie again!!! actually i love all the pics. 😀

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I can’t wait til you are heeeeere. Simon will probably go crazy for you!

  4. sounds like you had a productive/fun weekend! ugh- and I totally get where you’re coming from on ‘fancy’ dining. my fiance and I TOTALLY just had a similar experience to yours last weekend at a hotel brunch (that I was very much looking forward to!). when am I ever going to learn to stop setting such high expectations for restaurants!! haha…

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Wow, this was in my spam, how sad!!! I think being disappointed with a dining experience is the worst–I look forward to food so much, it’s a shame when it doesn’t live up to my hopes!!

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