How Organized Are You Right Now?

The form of organization that I am best at is stacking.  In my old bedroom, I had quite artful piles everywhere.  But now that I am in our new place, with not very many surfaces to work with, stacking isn’t an option…and our closets are suffering.  My art supplies are still in the box my mom shipped them and it’s so unfortunate to have to dig around to get at the envelopes or my elusive eraser.  So as big purchases are winding down, I’m devising an attack plan to make our mess…less!

I’ve already been dreaming of some woven baskets to put on the lower shelf of our TV stand (to hide our cable box, internet modem, and game system (which doubles at our DVD player)).  When Amanda and I are out, I will be on a hunt for a dresser (for our small clothing and my art supplies).  And if I’m feeling overzealous, I’d love a console table/credenza that I can store extras in (like blankets and Simon’s toys).

I’d love to know how you keep yourself organized!

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  1. ha! I’m in that process right now! Before school starts I always take the month of august to redo all closets, throw away stuff and just organize everything!! I mean top to Bottom!!! I find a lot of the plastic containers from target are great and other kinds of boxes from Container Store….lots of little trays with dividers for jewelry and pens, scissors and being very strict as to where things go. My daughter loves grabbing random stuff and putting it all over…so as I organize she disorganizes….so frustrating! But I ahve to say I love organizing! I wish I had more time to do it….even just going through every single file and shredding old bills….. good luck!

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      I need to get to Target–I still have wedding gift cards for there! I don’t mind organizing either…I just need the tools to do it better =) Thanks for your input!!

  2. I totally just redid my studio this summer (for summer school), but I had to regardless because my art supplies were ALL OVER THE PLACE and a total wreck. I knew right away I needed larger boxes that could neatly house (and hide) a lot of stuff. you can kinda see what I mean in some of the photos on this post: – I got my shelves and boxes all from Ikea! Cheap and easy. Either way- it will feel SO FAB once everything is reorganized and in it’s new proper place!

    1. Ooh, yes, you are rockin’ some major organization!! I wish we had an Ikea up here…I’d totally make going a monthly ritual. Our closets are in much better shape now…but I still need those small items that tidy things up further!! Fingers crossed my sister and l find some this week =)

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