In Seven Years Time

I had a weird dream last night that inadvertently got me thinking about owning a Louis Vuitton (if you remember from this post, that will be a long time)*.  So seven-ten years from now..what will life look like?

Ideally I’d have some pretty important things to put in such a luxurious handbag.  A Piece of Toast posted about Bespoke yesterday and it is truly my dream to have such prized possessions that I can eventually pass down to my children.  It’s a sick obsession that I haven’t cured myself of since I could write and draw.  I’ve gotten not so great at carrying one, though (probably because, lately, I don’t go anywhere).  In my dream future, I’ll have one of these sweetly gifted to me and I’ll treasure it forever.

With all these thoughts about the future, I conjured up an image which I would love to actualize.  I don’t know what it is, but being a teacher has always been in the back of my mind.  Not only do I think that I’d love to grade papers, but I love to proofread (even if I’m guilty of typos on here, I swear I’m better in essay-form).  I’d want to be one of those whimsical/inspiring teachers–discussing art or European film or riling up students with mind-blowing literature.  For times when school was not in session, I’d be in my family-run shop where I could be re-purposing furniture and displaying one-of-a-kind finds in lovely glass cases.  It would be a three-store installment that will be a big hit for some unknown city.  Am I dreaming big enough for you?  Oh yeah, and I’d own a land rover/convertible and wear classic aviators all.the.time.

What do you wish to have going on in seven years?

*All of this is revolving around the LV, which will be conditionally gifted to me by my sister…when I’m pregnant.  So I guess the career and business/hobby will have to be well established before I actually own the purse.  Hehe drat!

(Louis Vuitton Compact Origami Wallet; Louis Vuitton Artsy MM; Bespoke Key Clip; Bespoke Two-Way Journal; Ray-Ban Aviators)



  1. I love this! In seven years time, I hope I’ll have my PhD, and be teaching musicology at a conservatory, inspiring young music students like I was! Oh, and definitely throw in a vintage Land Rover/Jeep Wagoneer, a hunter green bicycle with a leather seat for riding around my sweet college town, and a little Cape Cod. No big thing, right?

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      LOVE =) leather bike seat is a great touch!!!

  2. I love your plans….they sound ideal. Some of the most prized possessions I have are old notebooks my grandmae gave me of her recipes. She was wonderful in the kitchen. She had the strangest handwriting I ahve ever seen so it takes me forever to decipher the recipes 🙂 And most of them are top level cuisine (lobster thermidor and the kind)….but oh her swan meringues….In 7 years time when I have more time (my little will be older) I will probably ave a side project to scan all her recipes). I will put that on my to-do actually. I don’t know what I wil be doing but want to be creating something for sure.

    1. danamcdowell · · Reply

      Old family recipes are my favorite!! My grandmother’s best friend, Mrs. Z, is the best at Polish pastries…I want to know her baking secrets!

  3. Love this, Dana! In seven years I want to be happy, satisfied with myself, have kids, and a chanel purse! xo

    1. Sounds perfect hehe! We’ll be so fabulous with our investment bags =)

  4. […] Dreams reader since the beginning, you may remember my various posts about Louis Vuitton (here, here, here, and here).  Oh my gosh, I didn’t remember posting about it that many times hehe. […]

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