I’m thinking I should grow my nails out like this.  Would that be hot?  Haha, okay, that’s not really what this post is about.  Can you guess?

It’s about the jewels.

I’m not a crazy jewelry girl.  After overdosing on accessories through grade school and maybe definitely high school, I’ve gone into a jewelry cleanse in favor of the simple and understated.  I always wear my wedding ring and diamond studs, and sometimes a vintage gold bangle.  Even so, I absolutely love beautifully crafted pieces and love to look at them! You can only imagine how much I’m drooling over Bona Drag‘s Ceremonial Collection.

I have a certain flair for the eclectic and these gems have bewitched me.  The Heirloom Ring in gold is like a crown for the loveliest of ring fingers, whereas the Bea Ring with its black diamond is beyond cool.  The Diamond Love Twist is probably my favorite…it’s minimal but still interesting.

These all are so magical.  I can envision the woman who would wear these and I am slightly envious (T, you are one of them!).

Go peruse the collection and report back with your favorite!!

This is my last post for the week, as I don’t want to be blogging while my sister is here (obviously!)!  I have two great guest posts lined up, however, so check back tomorrow and Friday!  I’ll be back at the weekend to reply to comments and catch up on my daily reads.  Don’t miss me too much (but do miss me some!)!!

(top images via, bottom)



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Always miss you!!!!

    1. I miss you too, Mama!

  2. Love that you thought of me. I’m flattered. I think that the twist is my favorite, but, I would wear any one of them.

    Will miss the posts, but, I’m glad that you are enjoying time with your seester.

    Love ya, T

    1. Hehe, I’m happy to see you comment!!!! Love you too, T =)

  3. I’m glad you weren’t into the nails….although those were in years ago!! I love gold heirloom ring…kinda looks like a crown…they all have a goth vibe no? very cool and hip for sure. OMG have a great time with your sister! you must be thrilled.

    1. The heirloom, yes, it’s amazazing!!! Definitely gothic…not the modern definition, mind you =)

  4. Ah, that love twist is just beautiful! I’m a minimal jewelry girl, too–it may not look as current, but it always looks chic!

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