That’s So You | Guest Post

**Note from Dana:  I’m so happy Chelsea of Buckets and Bunches is able to guest today.  She has mad style and keeps it real on her blog (which is so encouraging when many of today’s blogs seem to be only screen-deep).  Even though we’ve only been “in person” once, I couldn’t be happier about our growing friendship (even if it started by me asking if we could be friends).  After you read this, visit her blog–I know you will find something you’ll love!  Thanks again, Chelsea!!  

I am so happy to be over here posting on Miss Dana’s newest venture.  Dana and I have been friends since we met in Chicago about a year ago.  I am such an awkward gal, but she was still my pal in Blogshop, and it made me so happy to have a friend.

We were talking recently about personal style…pondering it, defining it, and generally wondering about our own.  I used to think that my style had to fit into a tight category: bohemian or classic, tomboy or feminine, preppy or vintage.  I have come to believe that while some people dress in a highly stylized manner and fit into one category, many people have personal style that spans these styles while maintaining elements that unite them all into being very “you.” I think that when a friend points out that something is very “me” it probably includes a good dose of feminine details, a bit of dressiness, patterns, and intriguing details. I also know which silhouettes suit me (things that define my natural waist, balance for my figure); all of those “styles” I mentioned are carried through those shapes, but in my girly way with a flattering silhouette.  I love red lips and sometimes wonder if I should have a signature look…but then a new NARS lipstick comes out in fuchsia, and I can’t resist experimenting.  I think my style actual remains fairly steady.  I still own and wear jewelry (and the odd bit that fits) that I have held onto since eighth grade.  However, I also gain more wisdom about resisting a piece I might adore, but doesn’t suit my shape.  I have clung onto enough pieces that I try on before going out only to shove back in my closet.  I love sparkle, I love leopard, and I love pink. I have a consistent fall back plan of a black empire waist dress and huge statement jewels.  I do think personal style should be fun and experimental.  I love to figure out how to make a trend I am obsessed with work for me. However, if you aren’t in love with that particular path of discovery, stylists are amazing and often free. I’ve done that–trust us. We love making you look good. xo

(All images via Rad Looks/ Leopard Love)



  1. First, I’m a little envious that you guys have gotten to meet. Second, I love this post, and how Chelsea totally nails her personal style! I’m also glad to know I’m not the only girl who’s still holding onto middle school wardrobe pieces–some of my most outrageous dresses were picked for 13th birthday parties!

    1. I know, she’s so good at getting herself! The only things I have left from middle school are two t-shirts that are worn to perfection…everything else would be way too short in length =)

  2. oh!! I didn’t know you guys met at blogshop! That’s awesome…I’ve been DYING to get myself into a blogshop class…great guest post too 🙂

    1. For me, the best part of Blogshop was networking with other bloggers!! I come from a city where blogging is mostly non-existent =)

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