Monsoon Must-Have

With each passing day, it’s becoming wetter outside.  The morning are either substantially dewy or downright rainy, and the gloomy weather can last all day.  It’s getting harder to take Simon out without both of us getting completely soaked.  I heard on the radio a week ago that it’s monsoon season here?!  I guess there’s a first for everything.

The communal yard in our apartment complex (yes, where we saw the moose the other morning) is adequate for little bathroom breaks, but turns into a huge mess with the least amount of precipitation.  And because Simon enjoys his routine of visiting a certain patch of clover, we end up trudging through the mud every.single.pee.break.  His white fur is adorable, but gets filthy so so fast.  I cringe when he scratches at the door after a long and thorough bath (it can only mean that my hard work flies right out the window).  I was thinking my next purchase for the pup was going to be a SillyBuddy bow tie collar…but now perhaps a raincoat?

Sometimes Simon gives us grief when strapping on his harness and leash, so I can’t imagine how he’d be with this option.  But look how amazing the legs are…we’d have minimal exposure which would make us both happy!  And if the weather was warmish and rainy, I could potentially still go on walks with him (just ordered this for myself from Zappos (believe me, I need it)).

I know that once the temperatures drop, Simon will require heavier outerwear for our bathroom breaks (Malteses only have one coat of hair, which means no extra warmth for the winter).  Walking him regularly on an uncleared path will require underbelly protection (otherwise, the snow will clump onto his fur on contact, creating multiple clusters of snowballs (looks painful and requires a date with a space heater for melting)).

I’m hoping since I’m thinking about this this far ahead, we’ll be prepared for the coming climate changes.  Do you outfit your dog with gear?  Or do you think clothing your pup is a silly luxury?  In Simon’s case, I’m thinking it’s a necessity.

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  1. Lady, I love the new look–and that darling photo! Everyday I’m more and more ready for a pup!

    1. Most of the redesign hasn’t even begun, but thank you for the encouraging words!! Simon is my little handful, but he’s worth every second of his mischief. What’s your dream breed?

      1. Hi Dana 🙂 My name is Heather Doughty and I own, design and create Tootlewear Dog Apparel… the store with the rainsuit you were thinking of for Simon.. I can assure you that the rainsuit would protect Simon wonderfully.. and with the detachable belly protector and complimentary snood, he would be covered from nose to tail.. I would be delighted to work with you if you were interested in reviewing the rainsuit… my email is: Wonderful blog by the way 🙂

  2. […] you remember me saying I needed serious rain-gear for Simon since monsoon season began?  Not long after I posted my thoughts on the matter, Heather […]

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