Random Thoughts

This morning I walked Simon to the vet for his multi-faceted procedure and I’m worried sick.  These are some things I’m hoping keep my mind off it.

I love this rendition of Third Eye Blind by Jack and White.  2:43 gives me chills.

It’s been almost two months since this quote by Katie, but I can’t get it off my mind.

Seriously considering buying gobs from Everlane (as blogged by Victoria)…I’m struggling with pulling myself together lately (even if I just hang out at the house).

I have a slight case of wedding envy of Julia.  Seriously…the willow tree.

One of the sweetest uses of Polaroids I’ve seen to date…congratulations, Lily!

I think I’m finally going to make this recipe from Emily from literally years ago (thank heavens for broilers).



  1. He will be fine. I will say a prayer,

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Praying for Simon!!!!!

  3. love the video. can’t wait to hear how simon is doing!

    1. I watch that video over and over. I’ll let you know =)

  4. A tough day, but it seems like you’ve got some of the best things on Earth to keep your mind occupied.

    1. That’s definitely true!…I even took a nap–dreary days are the best for that =)

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