On the Mend

For all you Simon fans out there, I decided a health update was in order (yesterday was such.a.big.day).  Ethan and I picked our baby up from the vet around 6 pm.  He was so happy to see me us!  I scooped him up gingerly and hugged him like crazy.  The tech told me that everything went well, although his baby teeth were pretty hard to extract (no complications, though, thank goodness).  Simon has two incisions from the neutering, and he’s supposed to “take it easy” for seven to ten days!!!  I am already seeing this will be the biggest feat of all.  Not only was he clambering to get out of the car for a bathroom break upon arriving home, but he tugged his way all the way up our little hill.  He’s not allowed to take the stairs, or jump up/down from the furniture, so we are constantly watching him.

One major problem I’m noticing post-op?  Simon’s obsessive interest with his sutures!  Anytime I turn around Simon is stuffing his face between his legs and licking his wounds.  I didn’t give it much thought yesterday, partly because the day was so stressful for all of us.  Today, however, I had to do something.  After trying to make an e-collar out of watercolor paper, a diaper out of undies, and a towel contraption that Simon ending up tearing off himself, I rigged a pair of bloomers out of a silky vintage slip.  He’s not so keen on the elastic band and has pulled it off a few times, but overall it’s kept his licking at bay.  A minor success from a hectic morning.

Something I’ve already noticed (sans-balls) is how demure Simon is.  Yes, he has had his moments of frisk (barking at a pair of dachshunds on our mini walk), but overall he’s mellow as can be.  Is that from his anesthesia or the result of his surgery?  Have you had your boy doggie neutered?  This is the first pup in my life to undergo the change, so I’m unsure what to expect!

I’m looking forward to kicking back with my favorite boys this weekend.  And what could be better?  Ethan is off Monday, so it’s really a three-day weekend for us!  Do you have any crazy plans or are you lying low as well?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Good luck!!!!

  2. I’m so glad he’s doing well, and that you’ve found an adorable solution to his licking! Enjoy the long weekend together!

    1. He’s been sulking all day. I don’t think he likes the silk as much as I do!!

  3. haha…I couldn’t help but laugh at all of your creative attempts at stopping his licking! I can only imagine how difficult (and potentially funny) that could have been to see. I hope he has a speedy recovery (which, you’ll find…is exactly what will happen)!

    1. We are on strict cone duty now, he’s been wriggling out of his booty shorts!!

  4. OH! and good luck w/ the blog redesign btw!!
    can’t wait to see how it turns out…

    1. And thank you!! I’m terribly excited about it =)

  5. […] marks two weeks since Simon’s surgery, and after my last post, things got pretty serious.  Serious as in Simon would not stop wriggling out of his bloomers and […]

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