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Friday we did a lot of laying around, and I was lucky enough to catch the marathon of Sarah’s Summer House on HGTV.  With fall quickly approaching, it seems halfway silly to be gushing over a summer island getaway…but then again…it’s a summer island getaway!  How could I not?

I am completely and painfully aware that this is not new news.  Somehow I always miss the original airtime…apparently this show aired in 2011 (?!), so you may be thinking, where have I been!  I know I’m not the only one who missed this, though (my mom watched it while she did some ironing).  So go ahead and feast your eyes for the first or umpteenth time.

I don’t know what kind of man is fortunate enough to own an island, but he sure would come in handy when wanting the perfect escape from civilization and still all the comforts of home.  Sarah Richardson and her husband Alexander began their redesign with a major overhaul of the tiny existing structure, what they called the cottage.  By expanding the dimensions of multiple walls (even if by four feet), the cottage became an overall more livable space!  By incorporating the addition that became the living room pictured above, Sarah created the ultimate viewing experience from pairs of matching furniture pieces, like two cozy chaises she positioned facing each other.  I love that she didn’t try to retrofit the space for a widescreen, allowing the view beyond the windows to be enough entertainment.  That, and, the cottage runs on solar power…how eco-friendly!

Without knowing the source, I had liked this image on Pinterest months ago.  When I saw it on the show, my jaw dropped!  The combination of the elegant head chairs, schoolish bank chairs, and bench originally attracted me to the image.  But with further understanding of the space I love how this dining arrangement is both playful and relaxing and looks ideal for entertaining.  And no extra wiring means dinner by candlelight every night.

On the show, Sarah emphasized how she achieved her dream kitchen for the cottage even with the use of energy efficient appliances (that could use their solar energy).  My personal favorite part is the reclaimed lumber she used for this bank of cabinetry.  It keeps everything from being too pristine, while still infusing the room with ocean hues.

The bunkie (or cabin) was the finale of the gorgeous renovation.  With the main house having only two guest rooms, Sarah thought providing one more sleeping option would do everyone a lot of good.  And it really did.  Situated closer to the coast than the cottage, this bunkie is a one room dream with loads of privacy and ample comfort.  Guests certainly wouldn’t feel as if they were banished here from the main house, but feel as if it were their secret treasure situated amongst the trees.  Materials from the demolition were re-purposed for the bunkie, including the knotty pine panels, windows, and the doors.  Just another way Sarah was wish in her family design.

Wouldn’t you just love to live here?  I need to start hunting down an island that’s for sale.

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love, love, love this place!!!!!

  2. Holy HEAVEN, it’s gorgeous! And since we don’t have a tv and I’m a shut-in, it’s new to me!

    1. Yay, glad I could share it with you!

  3. Hey!!! I can’t believe all I have missed here! I thought you weren’t blogging while your sister was in town….but boy was I wrong. I like your new blog design…awesome guest post by Buckets and bunches….I thought I might meet her at an event here in Dallas but I guess she could not make it. She seems really sweet and interesting. Happy birthday to Simon and glad he is doing better…..and I had not even heard of this show….I second guess myself all the time whether I’m the last to know about something…I always feel like I am…and therefore shy away certain things….but am glad you introduced me to this…..amazing space…wao! Ok, will start checking back in. xx

    1. She was only in town a short while, and I did take a break with those guests! No worries though, I’m glad you are back =) And there’s nothing like a beautiful space to get you drooling on a Monday, right?!

  4. OYE VEY, This is heaven. This space is breathtaking, and the little details are just amazing

    1. I knooow. It makes me want a cottage to renovate!! Thanks for stopping by =)

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