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I’m not usually one to pay attention to celebs.  I find the paparazzi madness boring…why should we be concerned with them grabbing coffees and walking their dogs (like everyone else does)?  These pictures of Palermo and her pooch are my exception however.

Sally posted about a Rebecca Minkoff sale, but I couldn’t think of anything except Olivia’s little cutie. Malteses are just so sweet, and the cut on Mr. Butler is adorable.  Trying to figure out if this would be a feasible look for Simon…

Here are some other favorites from the past week!

Rebecca‘s sister got this right; this shelving has me thinking of all the things I need before having some of Ethan’s friends over!

This leather round-up by Bradley is oh so tempting.

Here’s a nice little montage of Wes Anderson courtesy of Bun.  Makes me sad Ethan didn’t want to take me to see Moonrise Kingdom last Saturday!!

Rustic apple tart sounds seriously delicious right now…no fair, Jess!!

Even though there aren’t many deciduous trees in Alaska, I am going to try to find some leaves to do this–thanks for inspiring me, Dennise.

Happy holiday weekend, lovelies!

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  1. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    The second pic is my fave

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Have a lovely weekend too!!!! I love our puppies!!!!

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