Monthly Archives: August 2012

Which Are You?

It became apparent to me around 6 yesterday that today’s post was baffling me.  On and off throughout the entire day (no joke), I sat at the dining room table with my laptop, countless images that I liked, and not a single cohesive post was forming.  What can I say?  Some days are like that.  […]

Seasonal Living

Friday we did a lot of laying around, and I was lucky enough to catch the marathon of Sarah’s Summer House on HGTV.  With fall quickly approaching, it seems halfway silly to be gushing over a summer island getaway…but then again…it’s a summer island getaway!  How could I not? I am completely and painfully aware […]

On the Mend

For all you Simon fans out there, I decided a health update was in order (yesterday was  Ethan and I picked our baby up from the vet around 6 pm.  He was so happy to see me us!  I scooped him up gingerly and hugged him like crazy.  The tech told me that everything […]