Monthly Archives: September 2012

Links I Like

This week has been an interesting one.  With temperatures dropping, I found myself retreating to the couch to devour some literature (and some Halloween chocolates).  Yesterday I slept in so late, I ate breakfast at lunchtime!  Oi.  Some important things are going on this weekend and next week, so I guess I needed to rest […]

Pretty Things

Now that I have my desk (it’s the one pictured above!..real photos to come), I am craving a room of my own for creating fantastic literary works and some sweet birthday cards to boot! / photograph / frame / calendar / beckett desk / flower pins / persian rug / shearling swan chair /

Inside #9 | The Dresser

When my sister was here visiting, we found this antique dresser for the bedroom.  It had some veneer issues and wasn’t perfect, but it had interesting storage and deep drawers.  We brought the big lug home and it’s situated directly across from our bed.  Needless to say, I’ve been pondering how to refinish it ever […]