Alaska State Fair

The first day of September has come and gone, and I simply cannot believe fall is upon us!  I actually saw some leaves changing color on our ride to Palmer this weekend.  Just like back home, the Alaska State Fair is a signifier of the harvest season…even if it was drizzling.  We were a little hesitant about how much the fair was going to cost us, but set aside our worries for a day filled with fun.

One thing you must know about fairs in Alaska is that the food situation is much different.  Instead of the Midwest’s variety of corn dogs, fried Twinkies and Lemon Shake-Ups, Alaska sported everything from Mexican to Thai and the ten-dollar doughnut burger (you guessed it, instead of buns– doughnuts).  Oh yes, and lots of clam chowders and soups.  We had a hard time finding a corn dog station, but finally did.  Pure happiness.  Ethan was pretty ravenous, so we immediately headed for the polish sausage stand (we got our daily allotment of fries, that’s for sure).  After we were satiated, we strolled hand in hand around the rides.

Ethan said we couldn’t not go on a ride, so it was either take advantage of the ferris wheel’s height for some picture-taking, or go for thrills with the Tilt-A-Whirl.  I chose the latter.  While we were seated in our pod and I was snapping adorable photos of us, the ride suddenly started!  I had to fumble my camera into my purse.  Whew-eee…seriously so much fun, that ride!!  It was our first amusement ride together, and I think I sort of shocked Ethan with all my screaming (I find it enhances the riding experience).  We laughed our way off the platform and headed for the petting zoo we saw on our first lap around the grounds.

Goats, ponies, pigs, reindeer, all those lovelies were overshadowed by the cuteness of the numerous prized rabbits that we were so excited to see.  I took pictures of almost all of them, and we each picked out our favorites.  I wanted to reach through those cages and cuddle them like crazy…don’t you just love bunnies?  We walked through a showing of some major flowers too.  You wouldn’t believe the blooms Alaska grows!

We debated dessert, as I have an incurable sweet tooth.  Ethan had been talking about cotton candy and as we waiting in line, I noticed this monster graphic…needless to say, our craving of it passed.  We ended up finding a church tent with homemade pies.  Ethan ordered pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb for me.  After that, there wasn’t much else to see, so we headed back to the car.  The ride back home was rainy, but relaxing.  We ended the day with the third and fourth installments of the Harry Potter movies.  We decided to marathon the series over our long holiday weekend…movies seven and eight are scheduled for tonight!

Are you a fan of county/district/state fairs?  I spent last year’s fair with my parents when Ethan was in boot camp, so I found it to be quite a treat spending this year’s with him.  Simple joys of married life, I guess!  Happy Labor Day, everyone.


  1. I love state fairs! I had never been to one before I moved to Dallas. And boy are they fun…so big here! Texasized of course. The best part is going with my daughter and seeing it all through her eyes.

    1. I had the chance to go to the Texas State Fair years ago (field trip landed on the same week), but I passed it up to see more museums…sometimes I wish I hadn’t!!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend–I miss a good state fair! And the bunnies would have gotten me, too–I keep trying to convince John that we should get one!

    1. Ethan and I were seriously talking about getting a bunny last Christmas, but then I ended up rescuing Simon instead. We still want one though hehe.

  3. caseylane · · Reply

    fun post love, especially the bunny….i had strawberry rhubarb jam on my labor day 🙂

    1. Hehe you have such great taste! Miss you =)

  4. […] got a real taste of Alaska street style when Ethan and I attended the state fair.  Lots of fleece, jeans, and ankle boots…imagine that!  And while I heard before I moved […]

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