Dog Days

Today marks two weeks since Simon’s surgery, and after my last post, things got pretty serious.  Serious as in Simon would not stop wriggling out of his bloomers and licking his wounds.  He gave us a scare early last week that resulted in us at the vet again to get a touch up on his sutures and a cone.  Simon was not happy about that cone.  He would scratch it, stick his paws up it, and sometimes get stuck under his collar.  On bathroom breaks, the major monsoon weather kept blowing us around like Dorothy and a cone-wearing Toto.  We weren’t allowed to wash him while his wounds healed and his ear hair become so knotty from the static of the plastic cone.  All those issues aside, his wounds healed nicely and he made do that past few days (the extra treats didn’t hurt).

Ethan woke me up this morning before he left for work and he did the honors of removing the device from our baby’s neck.  Simon looked like such a scruffy little puppy and required an hour of grooming with three different combs and a new shampoo.  It’s been a bit nippy in our apartment as of late, so these little doggie-wears that my mom sent are great.  I look forward to browsing Etsy for more canine fashions!



  1. Aww Simon is a very handsome pup! Bet he’s glad to not have to wear that cone anymore 😛

    1. Thank you! He’s my darling, and we’re all glad he’s coneless =)

  2. awww!! that first b&w photo you posted is really adorable!! (although- I feel bad for the little guy w/ the cone…haha).

    1. The collar of the coat wrapped around the cone so perfectly…it was quite a fashion statement!

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