Inside #9 | The Fall Arrangement

The latest changes to the apartment are pretty exciting in my opinion.  A rearrangement of our living/dining room layout was in order.  Why you ask?  Do you see that gorgeous thing lining the window wall?  That’s our gas heater, and we’re told it’s very hazardous to have anything close to it.  Considering the mass of electrical cords of our entertainment center (which happen to be dangling all over it), Ethan and I both knew we had to change things up if we wanted to use our heat!  And we do…not exactly right this second, but we’d rather be prepared than rearrange everything the day the temperature drops.  So while Ethan was at work, I pushed everything off the rug, disassembled the electronics and devised a layout.

Thanks to the outlets, there was only one other spot we could place the TV and accessories, the full wall perpendicular to the window wall.  And because the couch would logically be placed facing it, the orientation of the rug  What good would our Persian rug do us if it was covering the floor space behind the couch?  None.  So I swung the baby around, and it now spans almost the full length of our room.

The sexy overhead lighting that distinguishes where the dining table should go is a pain in my backside.  Before I started moving everything around, our table was not centered underneath it and it bugged me a lot.  But because I can change it, and we can’t not use it (it’s here, it emits light, and it’s already dark when we eat), I took this opportunity to align the table with it.  The table now lands half on/half off the rug, but it’s alright for now.

With the big pieces in place, I tackled the TV stand and all the cords and modems and movie boxes that were piling up unattractively.  I ordered these baskets from Pottery Barn with the intention of not needing the lids.  Initially I wanted both baskets underneath the TV, but the PS3 was too deep with the cords coming out the back (silly me, I didn’t take that into account when I measured).  So I left that out and used the lighter of the two baskets for necessary/ugly things that provide us with cable and internet.  I also put some leftover cords and game accessories in the empty space.  I thought I could use the second basket Simon’s toys, but remembered we had DVD and PS3 boxes to deal with.  Amazingly, they fit quite nicely in the box, and now I’m thankful for the lid.

Needless to say, I am feeling so much better about this area’s organization.  All that is left to do is ponder the placement of my future desk, and shift things accordingly.

**Note from Dana:  Please don’t be fooled by the quantity of movies shown here.  My collection is stacked in a tower that is hiding next to the game system.  It is actually quite visible in the before image of the TV stand.



  1. Amanda wozniak · · Reply

    I love that 20 minute pilates is next to the last samurai and call of duty. Hehehe

    1. Hehe only because you left it here!

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