100th Post & Links I Like

Wow-wee.  This week pushed me over the double digits, so I am happy to say today is my 100th post here on Caviar Dreams Blog!  Blogging has been an interesting adventure so far, but my efforts under this name feel like they are paying off.  I just wish someone would give me a Geronimo balloon for this milestone.  Or take me out for ice cream.

As far as the future goes with Caviar Dreams, I hope you are noticing (and loving!) the format each week is shaping into.  I’m really trying to bring you original content nine times out of ten.  But today is one of those days where I step back to admire some of my favorite posts of the week by other bloggers.  Hope you enjoy them too!

I am so loving this living room posted by Jacquelyn.  From the lamp to the stone to hide rug…and hey, the office ain’t bad either!!

I know they are outrageously priced, but don’t you just love how this A.Barclay scarf looks on Molly?

Joy is rocking it over on her newly designed site.  I can’t get over how cute this and this are.  Anyone else feeling denim on top for fall?

This is my new favorite bedroom as far as pinning goes.  Be sure to check out Rue Mag for the full feature (page 66).

I do believe this is brilliant…great idea, Victoria.

Have a happy weekend everyone!



  1. Cheers to 100 posts–you need a bottle of bubbly to celebrate!

    1. That’s such a good idea!! Thanks, Lena =)

  2. I want a geronimo balloon too!! Too cute! I love the A.barclay scarf….I have been eyeing a pink and red one that is spectacular…happy 100th post! If I were in Alaska I would take you out for ice cream for sure!

    1. I looked that scarf up and it.is.gorgeous. You have good taste =)

  3. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Do I say Happy Birthday to the blog? or Happy Anniversary?? No matter how I say it, Happy 100th!!!!! So proud of you!!! I have enjoyed every one of them and look forward to those to come!!!

    1. Neither silly! It’d be those in May hehe. But happy 100th works! Love you =)

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