Pretty Things

With the prospect of having a sister trip to Portland in early 2013, I can’t stop thinking of the elements of style I’d love to take along.  And even though the heel on this boot is waaay too high (I’m 5’10”), I can’t deny how gorgeous it is!

/ tandem bicycle / cross bracelet / warehouse photo / flannel shirt / frye boots / weekender bag /



  1. the shirt is beautiful. great colours. and yes, the heels might be a bit high for a city trip… but… 🙂

    1. But…they are sooo hot, right?! I’m really considering this shirt…=)

  2. Great picks! Loving those boots girl!


    1. Oh, to be shorter and in need of a killer heeled boot!!!

  3. One of my dear friends is planning a Portland move–I can’t wait to come visit him!

    1. Oooh sweet! I wish I had a connection we could take advantage of =)

  4. Give me all of it! The Portland trip included. Also, lady, your blog looks so amazing–I’m floored! Simply stunning. xo

    1. Thanks, Dennise!! Portland is one of my top places to visit, so I am extremely excited to actualize it!

  5. How exciting! I’m DYING to go to Portland!! My cousin just moved there and all her pics are amazing. She is getting married in June so that is when our trip will be. You will have to tell us all the great things you do and all the wonderful places you will go

    1. We’ll try to find the best of the best =)

  6. At 6’1″ I have to tell you there is no such thing as a heel too high. My back surgeon would of course disagree. Regardless….I say the taller the better! Bring on the height.

    1. Wow! I’m taller than my husband in anything higher than 2.5,” so I’ll let you wear the fabulous heels for me, k? =) Thanks for sharing =)

  7. I’ve been dying to go to Portland as well! You will have to share photos from your trip when you go xo

  8. Sounds like a great trip! Love those boots + I could use the height (I’m 5’2!)
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    1. I really hope it is!

  9. this would be such a cute outfit! the flannel shirt + fedora together would be perfect!

    1. I knoow!!! I am really really wanting that flannel =)

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