Fall in Alaska

Last week the weather was really up and really down.  Monday I was so excited by the beautiful sunshine I took Simon out for our first walk in a while.  All the trees are turning golden-yellow, and there is really nothing like it.  I told myself I would take my camera out the next day for some photogs, but of course it rained…the next three days!  Friday had some rain, but we escaped the apartment during a lull.  I wish I would’ve gotten all up in the foliage (the mountain sides are something!) but juggling my sunglasses, Simon and my camera was a feat.

I’m not sure how many more nice days there will be here, sadly.  But I’m content…for now.  Happy Monday,  loves!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Beautiful!!! Hope you have more days to enjoy the colors before the cold sets in!!

    1. Like today! Except Simon kept wanting to sit down and look around haha.

  2. beautiful. I love the stormy sky! happy monday!!

    1. It’s a rare day when the sky isn’t cloud-covered =)

  3. Beautiful! And such a cute Simon boy!

  4. Love this post. 🙂

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