Wishlist | Citrus Shop

I find crafting infinitely more fun when I have inspiring supplies to work with.  That’s why it looks like We love citrus is going to be my new best friend!  Creator Ana knew what she was doing when she opened her shop of simple yet lovely products that help make any project feel special.  Everything from dainty ribbons, gold twist ties, plain gift boxes, to the white doilies everyone loves around Valentine’s Day…her shop provides it all.

I believe that if you are filled with joy while creating something, the recipient will feel and see it.  These products (especially that Gold & Natural Twine) would certainly have my joy overflowing!  They would also help make your presentation more cohesive (something I struggle with during the holidays).  Check out Ana’s site here and see if you aren’t craving some craft time after!

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  1. sounds like the perfect place for me!! I have a few DIYs waiting for me to have some down time….I love buying supplies and with these beauties I think I would be more motivated to make time. Thanks for the find, I’m clicking over to investigate…. Happy Monday!

    1. Yay, glad you think it’s as pretty as I do =)

  2. omg this shop looks so so cute!!! I am headed there now!!

    1. Let me know if you get anything!

  3. luvvleighb · · Reply

    And now I want to do the craft that is sitting on my coffee table instead of clean…..

    1. I leave cleaning for Tuesdays hehe.

  4. oh! I love those little clothespins!

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