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Are you curious at all about the massive transformation the blog went through last week?  Well let me tell you about it!

When I decided I wanted to redesign Caviar Dreams, I thought I had the power to do it all myself (even though I have no training or knowledge about internet coding).  It took only one weekend for me to realize I was delusional and needed real help.  Although I did pretty well through design school, I had to face it–it’s tough designing for yourself!

I knew what vibe I wanted to portray and I knew that my current layout wasn’t working, but I had no clue where to start.  What I did know, however, was how talented Victoria is (not only for her own blog, but her business too), so I shot her an email asking her what she could do for me.

Victoria was speedy with emails, quick to understand what I wanted, and just a peach to work with.  We started the design process by me (Amanda helped too) creating an inspiration board on Pinterest to help her not only get a feel of who am as I a blogger, but what I was looking for in order to up my game.  I was definitely looking for something clean yet interesting, which relates to my minimal/eclectic aesthetic.  As you can guess, it took a lot of pins for me to feel comfortable offering my ideas to Victoria, but I knew we were good from her first moodboard she created for me.  I honed in on a few key elements and we went from there.

The most difficult part of a redesign (for me at least) was accepting the change.  I knew if I were to have redesigned my own site, it would have felt disjointed (I have a tendency to not know when to stop designing).  But when working with someone else, my time and energy weren’t swaying me into settling for something I wasn’t in love with.  I could look at a proposal with fresh eyes and I’d know in about three seconds if I liked it or not.  And Victoria provided me lots of options to choose from.  It was really about the header for most of the design process, and after that we talked sidebar, social media buttons, and menu bar.  In the end, it took around 100 emails to get everything figured out!

I am so thankful there are people in the world like Victoria that can take my dreams and make them work.  I never thought my blog could look as lovely as it does.  I highly recommend Victoria for any design services you may need.

Are you someone who can design for yourself?  Or would you be happier with something someone else created for you?  Does the design of a blog affect your readership, or do you base it solely on content?

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  1. I just redid mine a few weeks ago. I hate working for myself. it’s a nightmare. knowing when to stop. not going back in there after a week or two to change things again. I almost wish I was 100% clueless and couldn’t go into the code at all myself. but as I am only 95% clueless I can tweak it a little, following tutorials of course, so that’s what I do. move this up a little. align this with that. I get so finicky with details no one by me notices.

    and then, of course, you see someone else’s blog or website design. a design that is totally different than your’s. and then you wonder if this minimal all white layout isn’t getting a bit boring. and the cycle starts again.

    I love the look of your blog. very elegant with the greyish and the texture!

    1. I do that too…anytime I see a redesign! But I’m so happy with mine, it’ll last me for a looong time =)

  2. Love the new transformation, Looks Great!

  3. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    I agree that the new look is fabulous. And by your pictures it is evident I was slacking in my duties on pinterest! Victoria did a wonderful job making your vision a reality though, and I wasn’t shocked by the 100 emails! It takes a lot of patience and good listening skills to design for a client. I know I couldn’t do it…I’d design one thing and say, ‘Oh you’ll use this design, you’ll use it and LIKE it!’

    1. You make me laugh hehe. What you did pin, I liked so don’t worry about it!

  4. I wanted to do mine myself (and make my fiance do the development portion)…but I honestly just couldn’t pull the trigger on some decisions. like my logo- I totally had the means to make it myself…but was SO INDECISIVE! I ended up just putting my faith into someone’s design aesthetic I love (and a blogger I read everyday). sometimes having an outsider bringing things to the table can really help!! …ps- isn’t pinterest amazing? I too did an inspiration board to jump start the design process…

    like I’ve said before- love your new look!!

    1. I can understand that! If I had a go-to code reader, I would have been even more tempted to tackle it by myself…thank goodness I just went with hiring someone =) & I checked out your inspiration–good stuff there!

  5. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love the new look!!!!

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