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This week has been an interesting one.  With temperatures dropping, I found myself retreating to the couch to devour some literature (and some Halloween chocolates).  Yesterday I slept in so late, I ate breakfast at lunchtime!  Oi.  Some important things are going on this weekend and next week, so I guess I needed to rest up (that’s my excuse anyway)!  Today I’ll be cleaning house for a Saturday night fete…and scouring Camille Styles for some ideas.

A special treat is upon us in the form of The Everygirl’s feature of everyone’s favorite blogger Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Hers is the blog I start my mornings with, and this interview gave a nice overview of her history as well as providing fresh glimpses into her gorgeous Cali home.

Alicia is in London right now, and her Instagrams as well as this post are curing my current wanderlust.  When I was abroad so many years ago, my stay in London was just too short (maybe 24 hours total?).  I’m enjoying living her adventure through her photos.  Doesn’t London look lovely in the fall?!

Wishing I had seen this image as provided by Lena when debating wedding hair–a pretty pony could have been a contender!

Roxanne of by bun has already compiled a kick-butt list of Halloween movies she is planning to marathon the entire month.  When you visit, don’t forget to admire her newly redesigned site!

This quote from Sarah is good to keep in mind when I’m feeling blah about my blog.  It can apply to you too!

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I LOVE the globes on the top shelf! Also have added the open wire shelving to my wish list for my next home!

    1. Yes, the globes are a nice touch. I wish we could go crazy for your next place…if only we knew where it would be.

  2. Nothing like a little Rousseau to keep you motivated–and I’m tickled to be included in such lovely company! Hope this weekend is productive and peaceful!

    1. It’s a good quote! Still feeling inspired by it =)

  3. thanks for featuring my movie list!! and isn’t Emily’s house to die for?? I have to admit the girl has some great design taste.

    1. I get too excited every time I get to see it. She hasn’t posted about it in forever, so I jumped for joy at her feature!!!

  4. oh, I love Sara’s quote. a good reminder. have a great weekend xx

  5. Interesting I will look at Everygirl to see the feature on Cupcakes and cashmere….Its funny because I read only a few of the big better known blogs… maybe I should look into reading this one. I know she has her book out right? So jealous of you sleeping in! I think its one of life’s greatest pamperings. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes, she has a book…I have yet to get it though!

  6. I also consult Camille Styles before any party!

    1. In this case, it didn’t help much–seeing as my husband didn’t want me to experiment with any new recipes!

    1. Thanks so much!

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