Inspiration | Terrain’s Fall Harvest

I only recently found out about Terrain, but I can tell I will seek inspiration there for the long haul.  With an emphasis on more of the natural setting, Terrain is like an earth-ier Anthropologie.  I love all the festive wreaths and this riveted copper tub (reminds me of our blanket holder back home!).  And with these amazing decor ideas for fall?  It leaves me wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?”  Speaking of which…I need to get my hands on some gourds…

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  1. beautiful. I’d use the photos alone…

    1. There are more on their site! Be sure to check them out =)

  2. ooh! gonna steal these ideas for displaying gourds!

    1. Do it! I love those gourds.

  3. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Amazing fall ideas!!!!!!

    1. I thought of you when I saw it!

  4. So cute! Love those gourds on a string.

    1. I knooow. Those are my favorite =)

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