Product Review | Tootlewear

Do you remember me saying I needed serious rain-gear for Simon since monsoon season began?  Not long after I posted my thoughts on the matter, Heather from Tootlewear contacted me about the full body rainsuit for Simon.  After some information was exchanged via email (Simon’s measurements, my address, etc), Heather sent me Tootlewear’s Full Body Rainsuit in Yellow.  The rain had already been crazy once I received it in the mail not too long after, but let me tell you,

If you have a light-colored pup, or one that likes to explore in inclement weather, I can tell you first hand that things get messy.  My patience with him on potty breaks strained as he always wanted to sniff each tree and stroll around in the mud.  And so many times before Tootlewear I would wash Simon after each outing…he was just too dirty to let him loose in the house!  Not the best formula for keeping the both of us happy.  With Tootlewear however, both Simon and I can enjoy going out in the rain without the added headache of clean-up after.

The rainsuit is essentially one piece of gear with a detachable piece for the tummy.  It is so easy to slip over Simon’s head while he is sitting in my lap, and I simply flip him onto his back with his paws toward my body to get his hind legs covered.  After his legs are in place, I reattach the tummy protector, which adds even more security to the suit.  The exposed area is ample enough for Simon to do his business comfortably.  We have experimented with the hood, but both times the wind was so gusty it was blown off (as was mine).  He seems to prefer the hood off anyway, but I’ll be easing it on, as well as the snood for really icky days.

The sweetest part of having this Tootlewear rainsuit is seeing how confident Simon is while wearing it.  He fusses very little while I put it on; while we are outside, he prances through the grass undeterred by the weather.  Simon really values his time outdoors, so now even when it’s nasty out he gets to enjoy himself.  And often times when I let him off his harness in the house, he goes about his business as comfortable as can be.  I can tell he is noticeably saddened when I remove it, so sometimes I let him lounge with it on.  That’s the mark of a great doggie product!

I have no issues with Tootlewear’s Full Body Rainsuit whatsoever.  I’m even been telling my mom and sister that they need to order theirs soon for Simon’s little sister and brother!  I know that this rainsuit has saved me a lot of frustration on the rainiest of days, and anything that helps me bring this much joy to my Simon is golden.

Thank you again, Heather, for such a wonderful product!  Simon and I are both so grateful.  Buy your pup his/her rainsuit today on Etsy.



  1. Now I wish I had a puppy more than ever!!! Too cute!! SImon looks so elegant! what a cute little model you have. Great photos by the way.

    1. Thanks so much! Simon brings me so much happiness =)

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Clementine and Teddy would be darling as is Simon!!!

    1. I know! Check out the site!

  3. luvvleighb · · Reply

    Hahaha! I LOVE dressed up dogs! Raincoats are the best! Next to halloween costumes 🙂 My pilates instructor has a pug and she has the cutest red raincoat and the BEST halloween costumes!

    1. Simon does fairly well in clothing…it makes me want to get some heavy sweaters for winter =)

      1. luvvleighb · ·

        Oh you should! 😉

  4. haha, too cute 🙂

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